Green Environmental Policy

Recognizing that each enterprise should act as a responsible member of society, Cape Manufacturing (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. will make efforts toward the sustainable development of society, by harmonization of Manufacturing activities and global environment through our own sound business activities, aiming at an enterprise truly trusted by customers and society.

  1. As a Manufacturing company, we will abide by all environmental laws and regulations, and endeavor to develop and enrich business products and services with a view towards global environment conservation.
  2. We will endeavor to increase business with companies who work towards global environment conservation, and promote environment-friendly products and materials.
  3. We will continue to tackle the problems of resource and energy conservation and recycling, and promote green procurement and collection of separated waste, aiming towards a recycling-oriented economic society. Furthermore, we will work to prevent environment pollution around our workplace.
  4. If any environmental problems should occur due to our business activities, we will take immediate action to solve them, disclose the facts in a timely manner, and make a sincere effort to prevent similar problems.
  5. We will enhance the awareness of all employees in our company towards global environment conservation, and support their participation in environmental conservation activities and community or social contribution activities.